PEMcasts Launched

30 May, 2010 by: colinparker

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PEMcasts Album ArtworkHello and welcome to an exciting phase for us here at

We are proud to bring you a bit of Pediatric Emergency Medicine in audio format.  These podcasts will aim to review the basics for those of us who get a bit rusty on the essentials from time to time, and then delve a bit deeper into more current or complex topics.

Please note that this podcast is for healthcare professionals, for educational and discussion purposes only.  We do not take any responsibility for how you choose to use the information.  Please read our disclaimer.

We would love to have your feedback, so please leave a comment.  Much of what we do is based on tradition and local practice, so let us know how things work in your Emergency Department.  We are especially happy to be corrected if we say something incorrect or silly!

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  1. colinparker says:

    I have just submitted the PEMcast feed to iTunes. Hopefully it should be available in the iTunes Directory soon…


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