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You hear a barking cough, around midnight, and think: easy! But could it be one of the croup mimics? Croup is a potentially life-threatening upper airway obstruction that has a highly successful and satisfying treatment.

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Outline of this Croup podcast

[CP] Epidemiology, Aetiology, Clinical manifestations & natural history
PIV 1,2,3  RSV  Rhinovirus  Enterovirus

[SF] Differentials of upper airway obstruction

[GG] ‘spasmodic’ croup (?does it exist)

[CP] Treatment = oral steroids, cuddle therapy

Pouseiulle-Hagen formula (gas flow in tubes):
R = 8ηL / π r 4

Turbulent flow (Reynolds’ number):
Re = density.Diameter.Velocity / viscosity

[CP] Treatments which don’t work: mist (Lavine 2001):

[GG] Unkind treatments: Inhaled /nebulised steroid (budesonide), IM/IV dex

[CP] Adrenaline for severe croup:
Duration of action (120min) Westley 1978
Dosing regimes (1% solution vs 1:1000 L-epinephrine) & confusion
HealthEngine article: Croup Guidance for Doctors

[CP] Borland 2008 – PREDICT current practice in Australasia

[All] Summary, goodbye, Happy New Year!

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