Asthma Medications: where’s the evidence?

10 March, 2011 by: colinparker

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We like to think we practice evidence-informed medicine… but what evidence do we have that these medications work in acute asthma? Inhaled treatments make sense, and we can see them working right before our eyes, but when things get serious, response to more aggressive interventions don’t seem to be quite as convincing.

We have hand-picked a few papers to show the way, in terms of backing up the use of Magnesium, Ipratropium, Aminophylline, and IV Salbutamol (albuterol).  Join us as we skip joyfully through some evidence from the last few years.

Evidence base for drug treatments in Acute Asthma

CP: welcome, disclaimer

CP: variability of practice (Bianchi 2010, variable ED cultures)

SF: Ipratropium (Munro 2006 and Rodrigo 2005, EMMA study)

KB: Aminophylline (Mitra 2005 = Cochrane, which included Yung 1998 = RCH Melbourne)

SF: Magnesium (Markovitz 2002 bestBET, Rowe 2008)

CP: Salbutamol IV (evidence vs inhaled/nebs, adverse effects, dosing rationale):

Lawford 1978
Salmeron 1994
Browne 1997
Browne 2002

All/CP: Personal experiences, summary, goodbye


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