Clearing the Paediatric C-Spine

2 June, 2011 by: colinparker

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Excluding a broken neck or a spinal cord injury: can be tricky. We know what to do when there is an obvious bony, ligamentous or cord injury… but do you want to be the one who takes responsibility to give the ‘all clear’?

Fortunately, serious injuries to the cervical spine, whether bony, ligamentous, or spinal cord injury, are uncommon in the really young… which is lucky for us, because these youngsters are also more difficult to assess – some clinicians feel uncomfortable trying to apply the NEXUS decision instrument in the under 3 year old age group. What evidence is out there, to guide our actions, for these children in our Emergency Departments and Intensive Care Units? Let’s try to weasel it out:


PEMcast Outline: Clearing the C-Spine

[CP/all] welcome, intro, disclaimer

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[CP] Hutchings 2009 J Trauma “protocol” (retrospective review)

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[CP] Kreykes 2010 November – review

[ALL] Summary, personal perspective, Goodbye


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