Treatment Options in Neonatal Jaundice

30 June, 2011 by: colinparker

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Phototherapy treatment will be sufficient for the vast majority of infants with unconjugated hyperbilirubinaemia who need treatment.  When it gets more serious, we turn to higher-risk treatments like IntraVenous Immunoglobulin or exchange transfusion. What evidence do we have to guide our decisions here?

Every Special Care Nursery in the world has a bilirubin chart on the wall to guide us in terms of phototherapy limits and when to consider exchange transfusion.  Many of these are based on a study backed by the American Academy of Pediatrics from 2004.  More recently, the National Institute for Clinical Excellence in the UK have released some consensus guidelines on the treatment of neonatal jaundice.  In this podcast, we explore some of the literature relating to the care of jaundiced neonates.

Outline: Jaundice Treatment PEMcast

[CP]  intro, disclaimer

1 umol/L of bilirubin = 17.1 mg/dL

Honourable Mentions:
Maisels 2008
Hansen 2010

Exchange transfusion:

Mechanism, indications, risks, guidelines
[RR] quotes [AAP 2004 guidelines]
Risks of exchange transfusion: Jackson 1997
[KB] NICE CG 98 – threshold graphs in spreadsheet format

IV Ig evidence?

[RR] Alcock 2009 – Cochrane Review
[KB] Nasseri 2006 – not mentioned in Cochrane (not excluded, just ignored…probably due to language barrier, or repeat publication in 2009 without content update)

Albumin evidence?

[RR] Lack of evidence supporting use of Albumin for neonatal jaundice
Djokomuljanto 2006 – white curtains
Glacier analogy – free vs bound bilirubin (Hansen 2010)

Pharmacologic treatments on the horizon

[CP] Cuperus 2009
NICE CG 98 advises against multiple unproven therapies
Bili blanket not recommended for term babies (do not cover sufficient skin surface)

All: Summary, goodbye

Further Reading: The Papers that got away

Predicting Risk of Kernicterus: single SBR level?
(gestational age, genomic profile)
Ip 2004
Skae 2005
Ahlfors 2010

Early detection of EHBA (for early Kasai) improves outcome
Hsiao 2008 (stool colour card Taiwan)

Phototherapy: mechanism, light source, wavelength, etc
Maisels 2008

Hansen 2010
Djokomuljanto 2006 – white curtains

Breast-milk jaundice: what causes it, and is it entirely benign?
Gourley 2002
Gourley 2005


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