Meningitis: Steroids or not?

17 November, 2011 by: colinparker

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The most important thing about treating meningitis is to give antibiotics as soon as possible.  The second most important thing is to institute appropriate supportive care.  Whether or not to give steroids as an adjunctive treatment is perhaps less clear to us…

A recent Cochrane review goes a long way to pointing us in the right direction, but still leaves a few questions open.  Join us for a quick tour of the literature and guidelines, in our quest for the truth about using steroids in meningitis.

Outline: Steroids for Meningitis PEMcast

[cp]: intro, disclaimer, rationale / theory: decrease inflammatory damage due to bacterial lysis

[cp]: Historical background: original studies were from an era when Haemophilus & Strep were common, decreased by vaccinations
?applicability to current (developed world) population of children and infectious agents

[CB]: Comments from Chris


[RR]: Kennedy 1991 AmJDisChild – Pneumococcus

[cp]: Gupta 2004 ArchDisChild – Meningococcus

[cp]: Brouwer 2010 Cochrane review

[CB]: Peltola 2010 Pediatrics


[cp] AAP (nothing recent – litigation fear??)
1990 guideline regarding steroids in meningitis
Nigrovic 2007 JAMA (Bacterial Meningitis Score)

[RR]: NICE Guideline (esp section 1.4.39 – steroids): Over 3 months age, start ASAP if within 12 hours: dexamethasone 0.15mg/kg IV, 6-hourly for 4 days

Review of NICE Guidance by Radcliffe, October 2011

[RR]: SIGN Guideline (esp section 6.4.2) Invasive MCD, start within 24 hours

[cp/CB]: local guidelines (dexamethasone 0.2mg/kg IV 6-hourly)

[all] Summary, goodbye


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