Headaches in kids

18 April, 2013 by: colinparker

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Pediatric Emergency Departments see a few children a day with headache. So how do we pick out the serious ones?

In this “noggin-cast” we explore the causes of headache, including Primary headache like migraine and tension headache, secondary headaches from viral illness, and a few other strange ones…

Outline: Headache PEMcast

Intro, disclaimer and Welcome: CP

Headache intro: KB – why we care/worry

Headache incidence/prevalence: KB

Headache Classification – International Headache Society: http://ihs-classification.org/en/

The Primary Headaches: CP

• Migraine

• Tension

• Cluster

The Secondary Headaches: WH

• Benign eg Viral illness/sinusitis – most common in children

• Pathological eg SOL, Meningitis, BIIH

Cranial neuralgias, Facial pain and other headaches: KB

• Optic neuritis
• Shingles
• Weird and wonderful causes!

Headache History – important points KB

Headache Examination – important features WH

“PAWER”: Papilloedema Ataxia Weakness Eyes Reflexes

Headache Investigation – CP

Follow up – CP

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  1. Mike says:

    Great show! I have kids and I really care about their health. I have definitely learned a couple of stuff from this, so thanks a lot!

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