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PEMcast = Pediatric Emergency Medicine podcast

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We have a few regular voices, and the occassional guest brain…


Colin is an Emergency Physician with a strong interest in Paediatric Emergency Medicine.  He believes that web-based technologies are the way forward in medical education.  He has four young children and lives in Perth, Australia.

Dr Susan Fairbrother MBChB  Dip Paed
Susan is a Senior Registrar in Paediatric Emergency Medicine.  She has a huge brain… but remains as humble as a nice cup of tea.  Susan spends time with Paediatricians and Emergency Physicians, and also lives in Perth, Australia.

Dr Kate Bradman MBBS  MRCPCH
Kate trained in the UK, and moved to Perth after completion of her training in Paediatric Emergency Medicine. She is  a Consultant in the Emergency Department at Princess Margaret Hospital for Children in Perth, Australia,  where she has encouraged us to embrace clinical audit and oversees our safeguarding ‘Safety Net’.  She is not related to Sir Donald.

Dr Rachel Rowlands MBChB  MRCPCH
Rachel is a Senior Registrar in Paediatric Emergency Medicine and hails from the United Kingdom. She is currently working as a Fellow in the Emergency Department at Princess Margaret Hospital for Children in Perth, Australia.  Other than the expected ‘Rolls Royce’ quality of her clinical work, Rachel is spearheading local research into the diagnosis and management of injuries of the distal forearm.  She also knows which Apps are cool for kids.

Guest Brains

Dr Daniel Alexander
Dan is a Paediatric Intensive Care specialist.

Dr Meredith Borland MBBS  FRACGP  FACEM
Meredith is Deputy Director of Emergency Medicine and Director of Emergency Medicine Training at Princess Margaret Hospital for Children in Perth, Australia.

Simon is a specialist in Paediatric Intensive Care . His other work interests include the use of echocardiography in PICU, and developing-world relief work and education.

Dr Steven Resnick MBBCh  FRACP
Steve is a Neonatologist who works at Princess Margaret Hospital for Children and King Edward Memorial Hospital, in Perth, Australia.  He is also the Medical Director of the Newborn Emergency Transport Service (NETS) in Western Australia.

Dr Kristina Rueter MD FRACP
Kristina is a mother of four who moved to Perth after completing her training in General Paediatrics in Germany. She has also completed training for General Paediatrics in Australia, and is working as a Clinical Immunologist. Kristina is currently a post-FRACP trainee (Senior Registrar) in Paediatric Emergency Medicine.

Andrew is a General Paediatrician at Princess Margaret Hospital for Children in Perth, Australia and has a special interest in metabolic disorders.

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