Investigation of Pediatric Headaches

In Noggin-cast part 2, we explore the relevant literature with regard to investigating headaches in children.  No magic answers yet, but we discovered a few useful tips along the way… and found a handful of references you can impress your colleagues with. When faced with a worried family, we all would like to offer the appropriate reassurance, or do the appropriate test – without being...

May 9th, 2013 by colinparker 

Headaches in kids

Pediatric Emergency Departments see a few children a day with headache. So how do we pick out the serious ones? In this “noggin-cast” we explore the causes of headache, including Primary headache like migraine and tension headache, secondary headaches from viral illness, and a few other strange ones… Headache PEMcast [ 31:39 ]
April 18th, 2013 by colinparker 

Appendicitis tests in children

It seems that this one slipped under the radar, when we originally published it… Because I followed it with a tongue-in-cheek summary post about the (lack of) utility of tests for appendicitis, and did not leave enough of a gap between the two posts, iTunes only picked up the abbreviated jokey version, leaving the original PEMcast undiscovered by many… So here it is again, for the benefit...

March 22nd, 2013 by colinparker 

Pediatric UTI Controversies

So, you thought it was straightforward: suspect UTI, diagnose UTI, treat UTI… And let someone else worry about the follow-up. Unfortunately, we work in a fragmented system, where we need to kick-start the correct follow-up for our patients, who may otherwise miss out if we don’t get them on the right track before they leave the Emergency Department. We used to be paranoid about investigating...

December 20th, 2012 by colinparker 

Meningitis Diagnosis and Management

The word strikes fear into the heart of parents. You dare not mention the ‘M’ word unless you back it up with action, or a whole heap of calming reassurance… The clinical features of meningitis are less straightforward in younger children, and CSF findings can be tricky to interpret. In this episode, our local Paediatric Infectious Diseases expert guides us through the topic with...

November 3rd, 2011 by colinparker 

Appendicitis: Improving Diagnostic Accuracy

Appendicitis is the most common surgical condition in children, and an important condition not to miss.  Can we use clinical features, scoring systems, blood tests or radiological investigations to improve our diagnostic accuracy? In this episode we put the diagnostic process under the microscope and try to figure out the most helpful symptoms, signs and tests to confirm or exclude appendicitis. ...

February 10th, 2011 by colinparker